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Note:   The CP eZine is an ongoing work in progress, any ideas, assistance, tips, tricks and articles would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

New Articles

Building a ten gallon terrarium
John Phillips
Some people because of their region are not able to grow tropical carnivorous plants… (Click for More)

Propagating Drosera falconeri
Joseph Clemens
I remember the first time I saw a Drosera falconeri; it was in the pages of the ICPS Newsletter, I'm not exactly sure when, but it sent a thrill through my body. Back then, I never expected I would ever have the opportunity to try to learn to grow this species. (Click for More)

Adventures in Drosera species: Pygmy Sundew
Tamlin Dawnstar
In my climate, I must grow the plants indoors from November until April. The process begins around November with the sowing of gemmae on the surface of the pots. (Click for More)

On the Cultivation of Nepenthes rajah
Jeff Shafer, author of the web site
Called the king of pitcher plants, Nepenthes rajah does indeed deserve its title. It is a magnificent species, possessing pitchers which are considered to be the largest of any species in the genus, and which may easily contain more than a liter of fluid! (Click for More)

The Drosera Expert
an interview with Sundew Matt
The CP Ezine catches up with Sundew Matt and asks the Drosera Expert a few questions… (Click for More)

Carnivorous Plant Encounter, Walpole, WA
Robert Gibson
In late December 1996 I spent 3 days travelling around the south coast of Western Australia, observing 15 species of carnivorous plants in the wild whilst bushwalking (Click for More)

Growing CP Under Artificial Lighting
Dean Cook of Cook's Carnivorous Plants
For several years we have been working with Carnivorous plants. We have been using artificial lights for many, natural for most. (Click for More)

Ultimate CO2 Machine
Petiolaris Sean
A tip for producing CO2 from Petiolaris Sean (Click for More)

The Online Magazine for the Carnivorous Plant Enthusiast

Welcome to the CP eZine an online magazine aimed at providing the Carnivorous Plant Enthusiast with the Tips, Tricks & Methods of the experienced grower. Hopefully you will find the content informative and helpful.

Pete Thiel