Plants with Attitude

Members of the genus Nepenthes are plants inhabiting the rainforests and grasslands of a broad area of the Old World.  More specifically, they are carnivorous vines, equipped with specialized leaves which catch and digest a variety of animal and insect prey to supply themselves with nitrogen and other elements lacking in their soil.  Some of the larger species have even been documented consuming tree frogs, lizards, and in rare cases, rodents.  For this reason, we think of them as Plants With Attitude!

The links above provide access to several resources for the Nepenthes horticulturist. They include:

Overview: A broad survey of the environmental needs of these plants, and how to provide for them.

Cultivation List: A list of links to species-specific information for many known species of Nepenthes, and some well-known hybrids. 

Basement Cultivation: A brief description of a workable approach to growing highland Nepenthes in almost any climate.
It is hoped that this information will stimulate discussion and further dissemination of cultivation techniques among interested parties. We are happy to discuss these matters with other growers, and encourage them to email us with questions, descriptions of their techniques, and observations.  However, when reading the information provided, please keep in mind the following caveat:  no responsibility is assumed by the creators of this site if the methods or techniques herein described fail to work for you, or lead to the demise of your plant(s). We describe only what has worked for us.  Please note that links to further information, or to larger images, are indicated by underlined green text or by images with green borders.

Last Updated: May 1, 2004
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