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I started growing CP in 1966 after reading about them in the National Geographic. There were few nurseries at that time, and my plants came from the Carolina Biological Supply Company: my first was Pinguicula vulgaris which I grew with success and flowered. When the plant went dormant, I thought it was dead and threw it out. Doh. I stayed with it until the late-80's when I lost my substrate terrarium to a bad fungal infection. After that I limited myself to studying them only, and built my botany studies at the local university around them, until April 2001. I had a computer and web access and realized how much easier it would be to get the plants with such a tool. I retired about this time, and have since spent most of my time rebuilding my collection (and then some!!! and working on my reference for Drosera species.


Adventures in Drosera species: Pygmy Sundew  10/12/2002
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