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Trichoderma, A Follow-up
Paul Edwards, Internet Co-ordinator, Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society


A Follow-up.

14 Nov, 2000.

This article first appeared in the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society Journal
By Paul Edwards.

It has now been almost 6 months since I first used Trichoderma, and also a spring growing season here in Australia.

The results from the application have far exceed my expectations! They have been truly amazing.

I applied a granulated form (brand named Trichopel) to my potting medium when repotting. I initially used it on Sarracenias, VFTs, Nepenthes, Cephalotus, Pinguiculas, Drosera and Utricularias.

With the exception of terrestrial utrics, all plants responded enormously to the Trichoderma. Growth rate compared with non treated plants was noticeably accelerated (initially, I only treated plants that I have more than one of, and only treated one plant of each type). The plants looked healthier and certainly larger, and this after just 3 months of application. Transplanting plants had NO side effects - they just kept on growing!

The only plants that didn't take too kindly to Trichoderma were the Utrics. I believe this could have been due to the underground traps being clogged by the growth of the fungi.

But I was certainly blown away by the results. My collection is looking FANTASTIC, and I wouldn't consider repotting a plant without using Trichoderma (you should see the new growth, esp. on the Sarras & Neps!).

Getting some could pose problems. Its not cheap, and is used widely in the wholesale nursery trade (at least here in Australia). Not many people actually sell it. I found a supplier (details in the attached file “Tricoderma.doc”) who sells it, and I'm sure if you're interested (and you should be!) you could do a little homework by speaking to some large wholesale nurseries in your area, and get some leads.

Perhaps others on the CP list use it or know where you can get it, and will post the results?

My conclusion? - get some as soon as you can!

Paul Edwards.
Bampton Park,

PS: I don't sell Trichoderma, and have no financial interest in whoever it is that formulates it.

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