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Carnivorous Plants?
Carnivorous Plants...The name evokes images of hideous man-eating plants straight from an old friday night chiller theater movie. While the reality is not quite so cinematic it is equally fascinating. Carnivorous plants show nature at it' s most tenacious, allowing life to continue in the most inhospitable locations.Carnivorous plants manage to survive in areas wherre there are very low nutrient soils by obtaining the required nutrients through animal life.They lure, trap and digest insects and smaller animals to provide them with the things the soil lacks. Not only do they manage to survive they have thrived and can be found in diverse environments and as a multitude of different species all over the globe.

It is not the purpose of this section to attempt to explain all there is to know about carnivorous plants. If you have an interest in these amazing plants please go to the Carnivorous Plant FAQ, a site built and maintained by Dr.Barry Meyers-Rice.He has compiled a wonderous amount of information and it is presented in an easy to follow format.